Currently Inspectionally Reading: (1)

Currently Inspectionally Reading: (1)

Since I have so much to read I have finally gotten it in my head to begin inspectionally reading some of the books that are increasing the size of my pile. (almost to the ceiling by my reading chair at this point). I am planning on allowing one hour per book and then deciding if I want to read them analytically. Here they are in no particular order.

BN-AC216_bkrvfl_DV_20131022144137.jpg (262×394)

Floating City     Sudhir Venkatesh

I have…

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Some Thoughts About Perseverance From Anonymous

Some Thoughts About Perseverance From Anonymous

article-2033403-0DA1CE7100000578-175_306x464.jpg (306×464)

“The best way out of difficulty is through it.”

“Many of life’s failures are men who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

“Stopping at third base adds no more to the score than striking out.”

“Many a man has failed because he has a wishbone where his backbone ought to have been.”

“God often tries us with a little to see what we would do with a lot.”

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Currently Analytically Reading: How To Read A Book By Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren

Currently Analytically Reading: How To Read A Book By Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren

howtoreadabook.gif (391×596)

I have read this book numerous times over the years and I wanted to go back and delve into how I could become a more productive reader since I am mostly like your our readers in be inundated with information. I came across this in the book in the summary about inspectional reading on page 43 and wanted to share this with you. I have been a plower of books, in other words, start and page 1 and…

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Books Of Interest: September 27th, 2014

Books Of Interest: September 27th, 2014

HowWeLearn_3D_rev.png (1289×1350)

How We Learn     Benedict Carey

I purchased this book last night because of the appendix where you find eleven essential questions about learning and this part of the book fascinated me and I had to pick it up. Hopefully, over the weekend I will have time to inspectionally read this book and report back. I found this video that reviews the book also:


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Some Thoughts About Behavior From Anonymous

Some Thoughts About Behavior From Anonymous

behavior-2954.jpg (400×600)

“Every Christian occupies some kind of pulpit and preaches some kind of a sermon every day.”

“A person’s faith is not judged by what he says about it, but by what he does about it.”

“No one will ever know of your honesty unless you give out some samples.”

“The surest way to gain respect is to earn it by conduct.”

“When you make a mountain out of a molehill, don’t expect anyone to climb up to see…

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Some Thoughts About Brains From Anonymous

Some Thoughts About Brains From Anonymous

BrainsAreAwesome-88661.jpg (725×708)

“Most folks would benefit themselves and others if they would synchronize their tongues with their brains.”

“Keeping clean between the ears may be more important than keeping clean behind the ears.”

“There are relatively few cases of mental indigestion. The brain is seldom overworked like the stomach.”

“There is no real substitute for brains, but silence does pretty well.”

“The mouths of many…

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Some Thoughts From Anonymous About Humility

Some Thoughts From Anonymous About Humility

Humility_by_Joshernaut.jpg (600×516)

“One of the hardest secrets for a man to keep is his opinion of himself.”

“Humility is like underwear. We should have it—but not let it show.”

Humility is the ability to look embarrassed while bragging.”

“No matter how humble you think you are, it always come as a shock to find out some people don’t like you.”

“Greatness is not found in possessions, power, position, or prestige. It is discovered…

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Finished Reading: On The Run: Fugitive Life In An American City By Alice Goffman

Finished Reading: On The Run: Fugitive Life In An American City By Alice Goffman

9780226136714.jpg (853×1280)

Alice Goffman is now an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and she spent over six years in research and living in a neighborhood in Philadelphia where none of us would wish to live. She spent numerous hours developing relationships and trust with people that do not know what the true meaning of these words are. She shows us the plight of the African-American…

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Commentary On The Book Of Acts Chapter 13:31-34

Commentary On The Book Of Acts Chapter 13:31-34

Chapter 13:31 and for many days He appeared to those who came up with Him from Galilee to Jerusalem, the very ones who are now His witnesses to the people.

Chapter 13:32 And we preach to you the good news of the promise made to the fathers,

Chapter 13:33 that God has fulfilled this promise to our children in that He raised up Jesus, as it is written in the second Psalm, ‘You are My Son; today I…

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